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Time to let the things go...

it's just hard for me to figure out which one :)
In last ten years that we've been living here I successfully created tones of "collections" of every kind and I won't be able to bring all of them with of those: Czech vintage children's books

On my wishlist:

Kenzo by Antonio Marras will be released on October 26 and I can't wait to put my hands on this book.
Pucci, Eley Kishimoto and Vera
Speaking of Kenzo, here is one of my favorite videos:

Kenzo PE06 Women from Frédéric Sofiyana on Vimeo.

I wish you a lovely weekend!

Le SAPE-Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes (Society of Tastemakers and Elegant People)

a bit of inspiration for my designer friends in black and gray, from a beautiful book Gentlemen of Bacongo by Daniele Tamagni

A Congolese Sapeur is a happy man even if he does not eat, because wearing proper clothes feeds soul and gives pleasure to the body.

their elegance and color sense feeds my soul, too.
my copy of the book Matyo roses just arrived,all about beautiful embroidery from Mezőkövesd - Hungary

and look at these hats, aren't they piece of art? (via Diane Kappa)
my latest finds:
English language book ,Moscow,1976.I love to read these books and this one in particular.It's full of useful advice like this one: When one passes a slight raising of the hat is necessary...........In making an introduction,don't mumble...............A lady introduces her husband to friends as 'John' and to acquaintances as 'my husband'.........

English for tiny tots, Riga,1974

Beautiful illustrations from the book The Big Fish by Aoi Huber-Kono published for the first time in 1968,now available here
Another incredibly inspiring japanese book...The name should be "creative correspondence" but I'm not quite sure (Akiko,we need your help)...have a nice weekend everyone!
p.s. book is available here